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For the Record: My Hugo Voting

John C. Wright wrote about his experience after the Hugos: “I heard not one comment, no, not one, of someone who said they voted for ‘No Award’ on the lack of merit of the works nominated.”

I might venture to say that that was due to people being polite to one of the nominees, right? If you’re talking to or near someone who was nominated for a bunch of Hugos, you wouldn’t just say, “Well, I voted No Award because all those nominated stories were terrible. Yours too.”

I’m sure Mr. Wright can find ample examples of people voting on merit just by checking out the comments on file770 this morning, and that he’d have no reason to stop by this little blog, but for the record: I read every short fiction submission in its entirety and at least a lengthy excerpt of every novel (except for one which made me angry from the first sentence). I did not consult websites to see what was nominated by a slate (I had seen the slate, of course, but hadn’t checked back in weeks, so my memory was imperfect); in fact, looking back, I thought one of the novels that was not slate-nominated actually was.

Where I voted No Award, I voted based on stories and novels I’d read during the year, books that had won the Hugo in the near and far past, and compared them to the stories presented. I have read slushpiles for magazines, and with little exception, I found that most of the short fiction read like stories I would have rejected. Where I found those exceptions, I voted for them. I did vote No Award in several of the fiction categories because I felt none of the nominees merited a Hugo; in the novel category, I voted some of the non-slate nominees below “No Award” as well.

I did not vote No Award in either editor category, to my recollection; definitely not the long form one, at least.

Mr. Wright (and Correia and Torgerson and allies) seem unable to wrap their heads around the fact that people might not like the fiction they wrote/nominated, despite the fact that they openly disliked a lot of the fiction nominated in previous years that other people liked. As some people have pointed out, stories like Kary English’s “Totaled” garnered more votes than other slate nominees; I thought “Totaled” was the best of the short stories, and apparently others agreed. If you look at the voting patterns, there appears to be a recognition of quality, and while certainly some people voted anti-slate all the way, there are just as certainly some people who read all the puppy offerings and were not impressed.


LonCon 3 Schedule

I’m leaving for LonCon in, uh, three days. If you’re going to be there, here’s where you can find me:

Kaleidoscope Book Launch, Friday 13:30-14:30, Book Launch section of the Library in the Fan Village. Come help me and the authors and editors of “Kaleidoscope” celebrate the release of our diverse YA anthology. I’m really excited to be part of this and there’ll be a bunch of cool people there!

Panel: The Problem With Making a Living Writing F&SF, Friday 19:00-20:00, Capital Suite 4. Me and three other authors talk about whether F&SF is too much of a niche for most people to make a living in.

Panel: Furry Fandom: It’s Not What You Think, Saturday 18:00-19:00, Capital Suite 15. MikePaws, me, Huskyteer, foozzzball, and other furries talk about the fandom. There may be some costumes there!

Panel: Queer Desires In Fandom, Sunday 16:30-18:00, Capital Suite 13. I join some other authors to talk about why different fandoms create slash fic, video, and other transformative creations featuring alternative sexualities, different genders, different relationships, and so on.

Otherwise I’ll be around, and hopefully I’ll have a data plan so I can tweet where I’m hanging out. We’re getting in Thursday and will be taking off Monday morning for our trip to France and thence on to Berlin. I’m looking forward to it!

Clarion Write-A-Thon Wrapping Up

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve reached my goal of 50,000 words for the Write-A-Thon (even if I haven’t quite updated my page yet). You still have two days to offer some support by way of congratulations, I guess–I doubt I will be adding much as I have just finished a conbook story that was due this morning and I have to spend the rest of the day writing a wedding I’m going to be performing tomorrow (it is a very small legal ceremony so not complicated). But the book will continue and it would be great to help out the Clarion Foundation a little more.

And more Bond posts are coming up. Only five to go! Also I will be posting next week about my WorldCon schedule, which includes a launch event for “Kaleidoscope,” the Diversity in YA anthology I’m published in. Busy summer! Hope to see some of you guys in London. :)