Writing and Other Afflictions

"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

My Stories

Here are some places where you can find my published works, in reverse chronological-wise order. I only have one novel at the moment but there are more on the way!

(My alter ego has many more books and stories, all furry, many 18+.)

“Two By Two” – At the end of the world, a gay couple looks for a way off the planet on a Christian ark. In the Queers Destroy Science Fiction special issue of Lightspeed Magazine, 2015.

“The Lovely Duckling” – A young girl uncomfortable in her body writes to a shapeshifter school for help. In Kaleidoscope from Twelfth Planet Press, 2014.

Erzulie Dantor” – In a disaster-ravaged community, a scheming woman calls up old legends to settle a score, but gets more than she bargained for. In Apex Magazine (November 2012).

“Chasing the Spotlight” – How far will you go to be famous? I wrote this story as an Amazon Short years ago and updated it for ROAR volume 4, from Furplanet (June 2012). It won the Cóyotl Award for Best Short Story that year.

“Wolf Castle” – A cute little fairy tale with a twist, in “Different Worlds, Different Skins Volume 2” from Anthro Dreams.

“Conduct Unbecoming” – In the Civil War, bravery takes many different forms. Originally published in Sofawolf Press’s “Historimorphs,” issue 1, reprinted in “Different Worlds, Different Skins Volume 1” from Anthro Dreams.

“The One With The Spooky House” – When you’re a fox cub chasing an errant ball through a dark, scary house, anything can happen. Originally published in Sofawolf Press’s “Anthrolations,” issue 5, reprinted in “Alone In The Dark,” from Anthro Dreams.

“Prey” – What happens when a rabbit tries to channel carnivore spirits. In “Alone In The Dark,” from Anthro Dreams.

“Find the Beautiful” – A young man trying to become a werewolf gets what he wants–almost. Originally printed in Mythagoras #1, reprinted in New Fables Summer 2008, from Sofawolf Press.

“Shifting Sands” – Morphs created from pigs and dogs make good soldiers because they follow orders, as long as they don’t think too much. In New Fables Summer 2007 from Sofawolf Press.

Common and Precious – The first and so far only novel in the New Tibet universe. Rich heiress Meli is kidnapped by bandits intending to hold her for ransom. Things go badly immediately both for them and for her father, a powerful executive, as he extends the limits of his power to find her. From Sofawolf Press, 2007.

“Life is Beautiful” and “Spook” – Two stories of New Tibet in the collection Shadows in Snow: More Stories from New Tibet, from Sofawolf Press, 2004. In “Life is Beautiful,” a homeless raccoon and his grandson depend on the kindness of others to survive. In “Spook,” an orphaned wolf who fought to make himself useful to an organized crime family finds his spirit tested when an orphaned cub comes into his care.

“A Prison of Clouds” – The original New Tibet story. On a frozen colony world from which escape is nearly impossible, Lyka is willing to sell just about anything to get off planet with his boyfriend. But will he sell the most important thing he has? In the collection Breaking the Ice: Stories from New Tibet, from Sofawolf Press, 2001.

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