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Last Day for Voting

Hi all!

Today’s the last day for voting in the Ursa Major Awards. If you haven’t already, it’s important to go vote for your favorite works!

(Especially if, y’know, those works happen to be a certain novel or magazine…)

Award Nomination!

Hey, Common and Precious got nominated for an award! The Ursa Major Awards celebrate the best in fiction with anthropomorphic themes, and I’m on this year’s ballot! It’s a small award, but a cool one, so if you helped nominate, thanks! The voting is open to anyone, so now if you’d like to drop in and cast your vote for my novel, that’d be super cool! Also, my journal “New Fables” got nominated for best “fanzine,” so while you’re there, drop a vote in that category as well if you like. :)

Let me know when you’re nominated for something and I’ll vote for you too. :)

Award Nominations!

Hey, the Ursa Major Awards, recognizing the finest work in anthropomorphic fiction, have their nominations open ’til the end of February, and my novel and short story and journal are eligible. The way it works is like this: You go to their nominations page and enroll. They’ll send you a key you can use to log in and submit your ballot. Sometime in March, the final nominees will be announced, and then you can use your same key to log in and cast your final vote.

For the nominations, you just write in the works you want to nominate. I’ve helpfully written out my three below, so you can just cut and paste. :)

Best Novel
Common and Precious, by Tim Susman. (Sofawolf Press, January)

Best Short Fiction

The Shifting Sands, by Tim Susman. (in New Fables, Summer 2007, Sofawolf Press, July)

Best Fanzine
New Fables (#1, Sofawolf Press, Summer)

I encourage you to vote, even if it’s not for me. The Ursas are a great way to recognize the fiction you love and find worthwhile fiction in this genre. But of course, if you liked my stuff, please do vote for me. :)

Sample Chapters Online!

You can now read the Intro/Prologue and a sample excerpt from my novel at furrag.com. If you’re interested, please go take a look. It’s eligible for an Ursa Major Award this year, so I’m putting the book online to try to get support for a nomination and, hopefully eventually, a win.

You can also let me know what you think in the comments here! Thanks for reading.