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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

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Writing meme from Wyrdsmiths

Via Kelly McCullough over at Wyrdsmiths:

What do you find _______ about writing?

Hardest? Description. Every time I write out a description I worry that it’s too long, or not long enough, or boring or stopping the action or whatever.

Easiest? Dreaming up the stories and watching them unfold in my head. The characters and situations all work together well in a good story.

Most fun? Translating the stories in my head to the written word, watching them take shape and sometimes a life of their own.

Most Tedious? Forcing myself to write when nothing’s flowing, when I know I’m going to not get much done and will be revising most of what does get written anyway.

Coolest? The life that the stories and characters take on when the story’s done–part of that being the reactions of other people upon reading them.

Least cool? The fact that 1/4 of Americans didn’t read a single book last year.

Best? The joy of creation.

Worst? It’s a pretty mild worst, but the fact that it takes so much time and that I don’t have enough to do all the writing I wish I could…

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