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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

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Writing and the Holidays

The holidays for me, growing up, were always very much downtime. Sometimes we’d travel to one place or another to see relatives, but for the most part, they were a few days off with a nice family ceremony somewhere in the middle. So I always look forward to the holidays as a time when I can get some writing done in longer stretches than a few hours here and there.

I guess I’ve become a little more social in my middle age, because this December has just been non-stop. I think this week will slow down a little, and then when the actual holiday kicks in, there may be more time to catch up on some of the writing I’ve meant to get done.

I really do think the holidays are a rich vein of material for writing, beyond all the schmaltzy stuff that ends up in the theaters around this time of year. The concentrated interaction and stress makes for some great stories. Characters! That’s what it’s all about, right?

So, does anyone else look forward to the holidays as a time to power through some writing? Or is that when you take a break from it?