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Getting an Agent

Because I’m too lazy to type something on my own, a very interesting link about getting an agent for your book.

Short version: if you have a good book, it’s much much less trouble.

Mistakes You Can Avoid

Over on PubRants, an agent has a couple posts up about mistakes beginning writers make. Not your standard stuff, pretty informative to read. A lot of it boils down to “show, don’t tell,” but in ways you might not initially pick up on. (I particularly like the second one: having characters in the story tell the reader about something that happened… because it feels like showing, but it’s really not.)

Don’t Just Be A Good Writer, Be A Good Person

From the lately departed Miss Snark, via Wyrdsmiths: Ten Traits of Good Authors (as opposed to good Writers). It’s something I want to remember, should I ever be fortunate enough to be in the position of having an agent to please.