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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

The Calatians (book series)

The Calatians are a race of animal people created by magic in the early 1400s. In 1620, the Church of England decreed that the Calatians possess human souls, and thereafter they were treated somewhat better, in that they could not be killed indiscriminately. Around that time, England’s sorcerers found that they could use Calatians in rituals to increase their power, which allowed them to summon demons. Though the French, Spanish, and Dutch also made this discovery soon after, England enjoyed military superiority for a decade, and the role of the Calatians in this was not forgotten.

In 1815 in the Royal Colony of Massachusetts Bay, Calatians can’t own property, though many are allowed to rent houses and shops for a pittance. They are tolerated as neighbors, but rarely seen as equals. The American Colonies themselves, forty years removed from a failed revolution put down by England’s sorcerers, are growing restless again.

And then, in May of 1815, Prince George’s College of Sorcery (in Massachusetts Bay) and Prince Philip’s College of Sorcery (in Georgia) are destroyed overnight–nearly. The White Tower of Prince George’s school survives, inexplicably. But most of the sorcerers and all the apprentices are killed. Desperate, the school advertises for a new group of students: they will take “anyone.”

Kip, a fox-Calatian who grew up in the shadow of the White Tower longing to know its secrets, sees his opening. He and his best friend Coppy, an otter-Calatian, meet Emily, who is trying to be the first woman sorcerer. Together they will try to learn the mysteries of the White Tower, which are deeper and more numerous than they can possibly imagine. And there’s still a mysterious enemy lurking in the shadows, to say nothing of all the very un-mysterious enemies they will face every day.

* * *

I wrote “The Calatians” to write about magic schools, of course, but also to write about the way parental relationships echo through our lives, from our parents to professional societies (like sorcerers) all the way up to governments and member states. The Calatians, too, are children of humans in a very real way, and this series will be a coming of age not only for Kip, but for his whole race.

You can find all the books at the publisher’s site, or check them out from the series page on Amazon. The first book is also available as an audiobook, and I hope to get the others recorded soon as well.

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