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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

Thirteen: The World Is Not Enough

Ranking the Bond movie theme songs from 22 down to 1…

13. The World Is Not Enough, Garbage. This is the best theme of the Pierce Brosnan movie set, if not the best movie. It has that sweeping feel that works well with Bond themes, and I think fits nicely into the “gritty female singer” set of Bond songs, as opposed to the “sultry female singer” set (14 of the 22 songs on the list are sung by female vocalists, which is just under 2/3 of them). In the collection of Bond songs, this one is middle-of-the-road, perfectly serviceable, nothing terribly remarkable.


Fiction: The World Is Not Enough

In some ways, Hashi reflected, military victories might be deemed superior to economic victories. There were conflicts, a playing surface, the outcome in doubt until the enemy surrenders. Rarely does the war endure beyond the decisive battle; both sides are too eager to end the loss of life, the crippling expense that no longer matters. In corporate warfare, like this deal for the exclusive trading rights with the Lopita system, the outcome was often settled weeks or even months before the final contracts were put to paper, and yet his enemies had continued to fight and even now no doubt contemplated the many ways they might attempt to ruin his triumph.

If only such measures carried a stricter price, he thought. If perhaps a negotiator who failed lost his tongue, or if an executive whose initiative failed were publicly executed…well, he reflected, in that case he would be long dead himself. Nobody’s life was an unbroken string of successes, and if failure carried such consequences, one would never learn the lessons that would enable future success. Had he not, for example, failed in his previous marriage, he would never have known what was truly worth fighting for.

He reached out his hand to the chair at his side, and after a moment, the delicate hard points of M-kik-ma’s appendages rested atop his skin. “You’ll be spending more time on our system now, I suppose.”

The translator was top-end. It conveyed her humor and pleasure all in one. “I’ll have to,” he replied. “There’s lots to oversee. But I’ll also have plenty of time for the really important reasons to visit.”

She made the dry, crackling laugh he loved. “I could have stayed on Terra longer.”

“Yes,” he said, “but it’s been years. I want to see your world, your life, and your people.”

“And it will profit your business handsomely.”

“Well,” he said, turning his hand over so she could rest her smooth, hard fingers in it, “what good is business without love, or love without business? Neither is a complete life.”

When the light caught her curves, her nacreous shell shimmered, and though she didn’t have eyes, technically, he knew she enjoyed his presence as much as he did hers. They would have another world to explore together, and if that grew boring, well, he could always find another.

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