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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

Let Me Guess, M…#20

[I’m ranking the James Bond movie songs and writing a short fiction with each. Intro here: https://timsusman.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/an-odd-little-project/ ]

20. Moonraker, Shirley Bassey. Bassey has done more Bond themes than anyone, but “Moonraker” is her weakest effort, though she tries gamely to re-create her earlier successes. This one and “Thunderball” are probably the worst titles actually incorporated into the song (Rita Coolidge wisely took a pass on “Octopussy”). There’s just not much for Bassey to do with it, and the flat, uninspired song does no favors for the over-the-top campy movie.


Fiction: Moonraker

They’re guarding the site in shifts now, but entropy is his ally and they will fail eventually. He considers, puffs of air from his suit’s feet smoothing out the dust on the lunar surface below him, keeping him suspended above it. With a shift in his weight to the left or the right, he glides across the surface, leaving a smooth, unmarked trail in his wake, almost as if no-one had ever been there. Almost. 

In another two days, darkness would cover the site, and no doubt they thought that he would strike then, because at the last site, he had come skidding down the crater wall, gathering speed, silent in the airless world. He’d been through the site before they’d known he was there.

But here, he wanted light. He gauged the distance, which was hard along the featureless surface. If this site were in a crater, he could roll one of the boulders down the sides; that was something that might naturally happen. But no; on the flat marais, he had to bring his own rocks, gathered in a small pile at his feet. 

The first one curved in a high parabolic arc. Rumor had it that his daddy’d once thrown a rock that reached escape velocity. He wasn’t sure if that was possible or not, but he believed it anyway.

The rock landed a little ways to the left of the site. The guards nearby noticed it. He could see them looking around for the source. The second and third rocks followed it. 

He hoped he wouldn’t hit any of the guards. They were looking for the rocks now, so they should be able to avoid them. 

They didn’t see the second or third rocks, but he got them squarely in the center of the site. Already they were running around, and one of them noticed him, but by then he’d already thrown two more rocks, and he would be able to get the rest of them before they got halfway to him.

And in an attempt to avoid the sixth rock, one of the guards leaped too far and ended sprawled across half the site, obliterating the footprints there that the rocks hadn’t already marred.

He stopped to laugh, and then turned to run, and behind him his jets left a smooth trail of dust, as though nobody had ever been there.


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