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"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

Try To Return #21 In One Piece, Bond

Ranking the James Bond movie songs! What this is about: https://timsusman.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/an-odd-little-project/

21. The Living Daylights, a-ha. Whoever picked a-ha to do a Bond theme should have lost his or her job. Most of the other artists on this list are bona fide stars; a-ha was a one-hit wonder. Sure, “Take On Me” is a great song and lives on to this day, but most of a-ha’s repertoire doesn’t have its infectious energy. Handed a new Bond (Timothy Dalton) to kickstart, a-ha did…an a-ha song. It’s kind of mellow and atmospheric and I can’t remember anything about it.


Fiction: The Living Daylights

You can see them even in brightest noon, my dear, those constellations in the perpetual night of the forest. When the days grow short and twilight creeps up on us like the tide, when the grain is taller than you are and the whick-whick of the whetstone sounds every day on the scythes, then you may see the dayfruits appear in your friends’ homes. Yes, my boy, those little peaches with a sun for a stone are the very same lights that sparkle across the fields. They glow for a week, and then when you eat their flesh, the glow rolls back the years and even your old grandfather can get around on his own again.

Now, my dear, here is the part you must listen to, with both your ears and everything between. You must not go pick the dayfruit yourself, never, not when the darkness creeps into your heart in the spaces the fire cannot reach, not even when your old grandfather cannot get up from his bed. Because the dayfruit are light, yes, and hope, and their juice running down your chin feels like a lover’s kiss–you will not make that face when you are older, my boy. They are all of that. But what they are first of all is bait.


#22: https://timsusman.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/number-22-mister-bond/


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