Writing and Other Afflictions

"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"

New Fables News

For those of you who may be patiently waiting for news of New Fables, I apologize. I have been working through the slushpile with the aid of my trusty staff this past month and have narrowed down the candidates for issue 5. I am hoping to get some work done this weekend and get final acceptances and such mailed out.

The biggest problem with submissions to New Fables continues to be people who just don’t get the theme. It is “character-driven stories in which the nature of the animal character is related to the theme/message of the story.” It’s not “fables” or “myths” (I get a fair number of “how X came to be” stories). It’s not furry relationship stories (although some of those, like “Reattachment,” use the concept of animal species to represent movement through lives, which was a neat world).

Also I have a pretty high standard for the writing, which I’m sure doesn’t help with finding slush stories, but I thank my staff for keeping me true to that standard when desperation tempts me to waver.

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