Writing and Other Afflictions

"If it was easy, everyone would do it." –Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own"


Got together with a bunch of friends last night and people asked many times “how are you readjusting to being home?” Well, it’s interesting. See, I came home late Tuesday night, spent the next two days taking care of a friend post-surgery, then was wiped out Friday, and yesterday cleaned house and prepped for said get-together. In the meantime, our roommates of nine years moved out while we were gone and although the impact to the common rooms is minimal, it’s still a change.

Thursday I leave to visit family and friends across the country. So from a writing standpoint, I am frustrated by the twin demons of NotEnoughSleep and InabilityToEstablishRoutine, who are very pokey with the pitchforks and have managed to keep all the projects I want to do bottled up where I can’t quite get at them (save for a few small ones). I don’t want to start revising when I don’t have time to examine something; I don’t want to start something new. All I can do is a few short pieces here and there.

Maybe I should just write a little throwaway thing. Pretend I have to turn it in at five today, right, Clarionauts? (that would give me an hour and a half, so maybe five tomorrow). Or else this is the time to work on administrative stuff. No! No! Two hundred fifty words. Go.

Write Back!

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