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A Bi-Annual Tradition Coming To An End

This will be the last time I read the entire Harry Potter series with the wonderful anticipation of another installment coming at the end of it. Ever since “Goblet of Fire” came out in 2000, I’ve prepared for each new release in the series by reading all the preceding books, to be completely caught up.

It’s not just completism, though. The journey of rediscovery is such a joy with these books that I actually look forward to reading them all again, and I’m certain that even after book 7 comes out, I will do so from time to time. The excitement I felt at embarking back on book 1, and rediscovering the world of wizardry along with Harry for the first time, really surprised me this time around. I popped in the first CD of book 1 yesterday and couldn’t help but grin.

That’s what we’re all working towards, isn’t it? That’s what we’re aspiring to: a story that people will think of fondly, will perhaps re-read to recapture the same excitement it gave them last time they read it, a story that will bring a smile to people’s faces, or perhaps a tear to their eye, that will do it in such a genuine, heartfelt way that they will spend billions of dollars making you the richest woman in England. Whoops. Sorry, lost sight for a moment. But you get the idea: I want to write a book about which someone will write, ten years down the road, “I still pull it down and read it, and when I open the cover and turn to the first page, I’m already smiling.”

If I do that, I will be happy with my work. Thanks, and congratulations, Ms. Rowling. I’m off to rediscover your world.


One response to “A Bi-Annual Tradition Coming To An End

  1. Anonymous March 1, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Well, that’s certainly a charming way to approach it, and now I think I’m going to start the series again, with you. Thanks! :)

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